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come from the united states. -- components come from the united states. 100% of the assembly will be done in the u.s. >>> we're learning that a man from oakley is among the victims killed in that russian plane crash in indonesia. it's still unclear whether his body has been located. search crews have been recovering bodies. but steep terrain is hampering finding others. the plane was on a demonstration flight for journalists and airline flail officials -- airline officials. >>> a medical will be held tonight for 18-year-old -- a memorial will be held tonight for an 18-year-old who attended newark memorial high school. he was a star pray -- player and was about to graduate. he will be buried in the american samoa, where he was born. >>> let's go to sal. >> we have a crash at the foothill exit. this crash is in the left lane and causing a backup. it's not causing a huge backup but it's there in the left lane and center divide. if you are driving to the san mateo brick, there was a stalled vehicle there westbound. we can see some slow traffic that he. come bar -- dumbarton are a
that was seized is an upgrade of the underwear bomb that failed to detonate over a plane in the united states in december of 2009. it's believed to have been built by al qaeda's mastermind bomber. secretary of state hillary clinton says it's a reminder al qaeda is not giving up. >> they keep trying to devise more and more preverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people, and it's a reminder as to why we have to remain vigilant as home and abroad. >> reporter: the bomb did not contain metal and likely would not have set off airport metal detecters and it's not clear if the body scanners in use in u.s. airports would have detected it. members of congress are already calling for new scrutiny of our airport security. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> vladimir putin is, once again, the president of russia. look at this. demonstrators angry about mr. putin's return to the presidency protested in the streets ahead of his inauguration. there he is walking the red carpet. putin served as president for eight years before being turned down in 2008. he then be
perjury. >>> 7:15. in just the last couple of hours, turkey announced it is joining the united states and more than a dozen other countries in the syrian situation. alison burns has more. >> reporter: kofi annan met with syrian's president, bashar assad, and more than 100 syrian villagers, mostly women and children were killed, allegedly at the hands of pro-assad forces. republican presidential candidate mitt romney states the u.s. should help arm the rebels. but the republicans are divided. here's what chairman of the house committee said in an interview this morning. >> i'm not sure arming is the right answer here mainly because we're not exactly sure who the bad guys are and who the good guys are in syria. you are not sure who you are giving weapons to. >> reporter: the obama administration has maintained that military intervention could cause more chaos. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:16. new this morning from iran, an iranian technology official says iran has defeated a powerful new computer virus. this follows report out of russia yesterday that a new and physical skat
says he's confident china will hold up their end of the deal to allow him to study in the united states. he's still in the hospital. he's recovering from a fracture on his foot. he has an invitation to attend new york university and he's asked the hospital staff to help him with the paperwork needed to allow him to travel. officer james kapoot was killed last november. he was a 19-year veteran and the father of tree daughters -- three daughters. his name will be placed on the wall of the peace officer memorial. governor brown will be among those attending the ceremony. >>> meanwhile, several bay area police officers are taking part in a national event honoring this officer and other officers. overnight, they took a red eye flight from oakland to new york city. they will join others in a marathon bike ride to raise money for the national law enforcement memorial. three vallejo police officers still grieving the loss of the officer will be among the riders. >> we've not forgotten him or his family. we think about him all of the time. >> these barelies traveled light -- bay area police off
to the united states. chen guangcheng is on a flight to new jersey with wife and two children. he caused an uproar last month when he escaped from house arrest and hid at the u.s. embassy in beijing. the self-taught legal activist who led campaigns for the disabled and fought for -- fought against forced abortions plans to study law at new york university. >>> officials in washington are urging americans in saudi arabia to keep a low profile. the state department says terror groups could be planning an attack and that there's an ongoing security threat. potential targets include hotels and shops filled with westerners. u.s. recommends that americans be extra cautious getting in and out of vehicles and vary the hours when they travel around the saudi kingdom. >>> an airline pilot is accused of flying with a loaded gun. federal prosecutors say a bag screener in buffalo saw the gun yesterday. pilot bret deter was arrested before he could fly the piedmont airlines flight to laguardia. investigators think he piloted seven flights with that gun since wednesday when he flew from virginia to new
joe biden is delivering the commencement address at the united states military academy at west point in new york. these are live pictures from west point. let's listen in. >> adopted that same notion you have, and because of you, because you do dedicate yourself while thousands of colleges and universities across america are proudly celebrating graduations today and throughout the year and any time this year, only at west point and the other outstanding service academies does the entire united states of america swell with pride at the accomplishment you're celebrating today. >> you've been listening in to vice president joe biden speaking at west point this morning at the graduation. one thousand cadets will be graduating today and they will be commissioned as second lieutenants in the u.s. army. >>> astronauts have entered the dragon. the could. international space station opened the hatch of the spacex capsule named dragon and floated right inside it this morning. the first person to go inside said it smelled like a brand if you car. a few astronauts plan to take a break from their
are underway for today's events. the 50 flags of the 50 states of the united states, are lined up here. in the last 15 minutes we've seen people come and place the flowers wreaths at the foot of our display. there are 1200 chairs set up here. organizers except this to fill up quickly. things get started at 10:30 this morning. that's when an army will lead to the national cemetery from the presidio, up the hill. at 11:00, there will be a league - -- a wreath-laying cemetery. dignitaries, including mayor ed lee, will speak at that ceremony. now, this has been going on for 24 years. this is video from last year's event. this comes just a day after large crowds gathered here to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. the day-long party ended with a spectacular works display. the view you are looking at in in video is from another vote -- at in this video is from another vote. earlier in the day, thousands of people came to crissy field and the presidio for music dancing as well as lectures about the golden gate bridge and its history. but today, back out here live, the fo
military bases in the united states. stay tuned, we'll have updates throughout the morning. >>> a magnitude 4.3 earthquake shook the north bay overnight. the earthquake hit after 2:20 this afternoon, three mimes east of the geysers and 24 miles north of santa rosa. the geysers produce a lot of small quakes because it of its geothermal power plants which have steam if deep wells. >>> more than a dozen agencies around the state are going to participate in an earthquake drill today. it is a full-scale earthquake response exercise meant to simulate a health care volunteer mobilization and deployment. the drill is happening inside the oakland coliseum. >>> tonight the moon will appear bigger and brighter than usual. it's called the super moon. this is video of the center moon from last year. and tonight there will be a full moon and at 8:35, the lunar orbit will be at its closest point to earth. the moon will appear about 14% larger and 30% more luminous than most full moons. >>> i notice the moon as i was driving in this morning. it was spectacular, and it helped that everything was so clear, r
region of the united states. the government accounting offices estimates there are $3 -- there are 3 million barrels of oil. turns out those three states have about as much recoverable oil as the world's reserves col bind. the gao warns developing that oil could badly damage the region's air, oil, vegetation and wildlife. >>> 7:55. hey, sal you got the chopper working with you. we're working at the richmond bridge. we do have slow traffic on the richmond bridge. there's the crash. i want to have -- the chopper pan to the right. it is improving a little bit. you can just showing you the lower deck i just want to see what it looks like. now that the lanes are open. should start to see -- we should start to see more movement off the lek. let's take a look at the east shore freeway westbound. that traffic is still pretty busy getting off to the macarthur maze. 101 and 85 and, all are slow. >>> most lit -- mostly clue, mild, to cool -- all the way up to the city. means some upper 50s but for other locations. you can see the cloud cover pushing right in because of a low-pressure system mov
worked very hard to couple to this minute. as far as it -- we would like to yak knowledge the united states marshal, the. this has been very, very labor and many powers from our search and rescue team and for that we're grateful. our investigation has led to the person of -- to the person we arrested. the discovery of sierra's cell phone, her clothing, what she wore that day and her personal belongings have contributed to our belief that sierra is the victim of murder. early on when our deputy first responded to a missing child report, he knew immediately that this was not just a runaway. it was something more significant. so early in the investigation, we had tremendous resources out there. we found the bag of clothing less than two days -- less than two days after -- our some and rescue found that two miles from the house. that's a huge way to -- area to it search. >> off of her property in the bag we found dna from an toe lin far seia-torres. it -- this was -- from -- in the bag we found dna from antolin garcia-torres. it was that dna that revealed the identity. we received the la
is to wring the. the f.m. thursday it will -- why the united states has decided to sell drones to the iraqi navy? you do a lot of kayakingno. whoooa i'm in a river. what are some good kayaking words? like...rapids? look, i'm going through the rapids. ok. i'll take it. new offers in new places so you can try new things. sync your american express card with facebook, foursquare, and twitter to find savings. that's the membership effect of american express. >>> fog has returned. cooler, coast and bay. inland with the sun. temperatures will be coming down. look for upper 70s, low to mid- 80s away from the coast. a lot of 50s and 60s closer to it. >>> 996 yemeni soldiers have died after a suicide bomber blew himself off during a parade hospital in the capital. it may have been a failed an attempt towards yemen's defense minister. authorities say the -- the drones will allow the iraq's military to keep watch 0 over its oil terminals along the persian gulf. a significant portion of the old's oil originally nateed and iran has becomes the -- originated andrin has become the -- look at these picture
for the first time minorities make up more than half the children born in the united states. the data just came out, saying little more than 50% of all babies born in the u.s. last year were minorities. that compares to 37% in 1990. according to the cencus, 49% of all children under age 5 are minorities. >>> a major california shoe maker will pay $40 million to settle claims over some of its athletic wear. sketchers used celebrities, including joe montana and kim kardashian, in its ads. the ads claim just wearing the rocker bottom shoes would help people lose weight and get in better shape. >> the concept seems so bogus that i'm not surprised. but that doesn't work. >> i've seen people come in with problems from the shoes, such as achilles tendinitis because they're overstretching that heel. >> sketchers denies any wrongdoing and says it settled to avoid a long and drawn out lawsuit. if you bought the shoes, check for details on how to get a refund, just scroll down to the web links sections on our homepage. >>> former british prime minister tony blair will be at stanford university to
. >>> united states officials say al qaeda is trying to penetrate computer's networks of america. seeing cyber security is as vulnerable as airline security, they see it. >>> well, millions of egyptians voting for a new president today. this is egypt's first free presidential election. since last year's ouster of the long-time ruler hosni mubarak, the two-day election ends tomorrow. none of the 13 candidates are expected to win an absolute majority. a runoff between the top two finishers will be held next month. >>> oakland police re-- released a sketch of a man accused of sexually assaulting a bromum -- assaulting a woman earlier this month. officers say on may 1st. attacker forced the victim to the ground. he ran off after the victim struck him in the face with her keys and threatened to call police. a $5,000 reward is being offered in the case. >>> in southern california, a 13-year-old girl is accused of attempting to murder her mother with the help of two 14-year- old friends. deputies arrested the trio in hesperia. the mother is okay. but deputies say the teenagers made several attempts t
. iran announced its concern about a pack with united states. they are worried an alliance will keep americans in afghanistan for a long time. >> new report shows california spent nearly $2 million taxpayer dollars on legal cost during the last two excuses. the debate has sparked a rare political campaign in california. in november californians will vote whether or not to replace capital punishment with life until prison without parole. executing the 724 people on death row would exceed $700 million in legal fees. it cost taxpayers $1 million appeals in the 2005 execution of williams and $160,000 for allen. there are ways to limit costs but the state should not put a price on justice. >>> there is more controversy involving the charity behind the kony 2012 video. the invisible charity -- neighbors are complaining about too much noise coming from that house and it's constantly filled with volunteers throughout the day and night. that charity gained world-wide attention for posting a video about an african war lord. >>> some schools and states are setting boundaries between students an
on in washington. >>> the united states is learning more about al qaeda's brom-making operation after a secret agent infiltered al qaeda -- bomb-making operation of a a -- of a secret agent. >> this is as good as it gets in intelligence oprations. you know, have you al qaeda, you have cia, you have the source into the insight. it doesn't get any better than that. >> reporter: the nonmetallic bomb was meant to pass through airport security. now it's in fbi hands. director mueller has not made any comments. some in the obama administration want to release pictures of it or at least are considering doing that. so security screeners will know what to look for if al qaeda tries again. but the concern is it might give other terrorists idea -- other ideas. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 8:1. support for the war in afghanistan has hit a new low. a new associated press poll shows only 27% of americans now say they support the war m afghanistan. that compares to 37% one year ago and 46% in the spring of 2010. about half those who oppose the war say they belie
of the united states. >> he has very good business sense. he has a fiscally responsible and i'm not putting down our current president but i just think he has a passion and he loves the country. >> the there were protestors. one group demonstrated across the street, supporting president obama. >>> speaking of president obama, he did call mitt romney, congratulating him for winning enough delegates to cinch -- clinch the republican presidential nomination. the white house says he looks forward to an important and healthy debate about the nation's future. as for romney's campaign, the call was "brief and cordial." >>> even if you don't own a piece of facebook, all californians could feel the pinch if the stock continues to slide. governor jerry brown's budget counted on 1.5 approximately dollars in income taxes related to the company's ipo. the brown administration took that number to facebook stock selling for $35 a share. right now i'm checking and facebook stock is down 3%, just this morning, selling at $27.26. it was actually starting -- starting price was $38. >>> this just about an hour from
on facebook's protected speech. also a new threat against the united states, what russia may do as plans move ahead for a missile defense shield in europe. and this photo of a bear falling out of a tree, now there's a sad end to go this story. i'm a native californian. times are tough. our state's going through a tough time. but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪ >>> partly sunny, mostly sunny over by the coast. low clouds around but they'll clear out. sunny today to mostly sunny. breezy, though out of the west. so 50s, 60s and a few low 70s. >>> thank you, stock market. russia is now threatening to carry out a preemptive strike against the nato defense facilities in eastern europe. russia's top military officer says the preemptive strike could be carried out if the u.s. goes a head with its plan
the united states. he wanted al-qaeda to assassinate president obama. one of the only reporters who was in bin laden's compound after the raid wrote several books about bin laden, talked about the treasure trove of information this morning. >> the white house and the national security council releasing documents that don't put al-qaeda in a good light. it's interesting to realize that they themselves realize they were under pressure. >> one of the documents is this 22-page typed listing of names of al-qaeda members bin laden is listed first. i'm going to keep reading through some of these documents and have more in about an hour. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the obama administration has filed papers with the supreme court warning that if the justices toss out the president's health care overhaul, it would have major consequences for medicare ace paper accept. court documents warn of extraordinary disruption if medicare is forced to undo transactions based on payment changes required by the affordable care act. medicare ace payment system handles 100 million claims a month
where the militants were staying. no word yet from washington about whether the united states is behind the attacks. the u.s. in yemen recently resumed to fight against al qaeda which has captured territory in that area during political unrests. >>> federal authorities want to know who leaked details about that foiled al qaeda plot targeting u.s. airlines and reportedly launched an investigation. news reports disclose that a would-be suicide bomber for al qaeda wastabley a double agent working with the cia and saudi intelligence agencies and had thwarted that attack. u.s. and saudi officials are said to be furious about the leak. one lawmaker says it disrupted a sensitive ongoing intelligence operation. >>> and the parents of an american soldier held captive by the taliban are revealing that he is the focus of the secret negotiations between the obama administration and the taliban over a proposed prisoner exchange. this is video released by the taliban of sergeant b o bergdahl. parents say the trade involving the exchange of 5,000 prisoners of in -- in cuba. the parents decide to publi
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